When you empty a tumble dryer and clean out the lint filter, have you thought about where the lint comes from?
Many of the clothes in stores today have a  ‘do NOT tumble-dry’ sign on the tag. Tumble-drying is an efficient drying process but it wears out the clothes. The drying cabinet is a great compliment to a traditional tumble dryer. It will dry the clothes without any mechanical action. This drying process has virtually no wear and tear on the clothes!

PODAB has over 65 years of experience in the industry. This makes us one of the world’s most experienced drying cabinet manufactures. Our design is always solid, ergonomic, user-friendly and at the leading edge of technology. Enjoy our selection of products. We are looking forward to serving you and your business.

Save Energy and Water

At PODAB we innovate and offer equipment that benefits our customers as well as the environment. When choosing PODAB, you know that you will get energy-efficient and water-efficient products. Our new equipment is more efficient than ever before. For example, by substituting the level switch on the older washing machines it saves approximately 22 Gallon (100 liters) of water - every wash cycle. That saves both time and money.

We specialize in improving drying efficiency in tumblers and drying cabinets. Our latest software, the HTS (Humidity Tracking System), measures the humidity in the cabinet every single second to determine when the textiles are dry. – That is effective!
Contact us if you need help to improve your laundry.

Environmental Policy

PODAB works with Certways templates and guidelines for quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008. With the foundational principles of ISO 9001, 14001 and our commitments we secure that our work is quality and environmental conscious.

Good Role Models

We work with the City of Göteborg to inform and educate our customers to be climate conscientious. We are exhibited at the City of Göteborgs climate center in Sweden.

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