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¤  Improves impregnation treatment of protective gear
FC20 - Protective Gear Drying Cabinet
NEW Design, New Technology and 20% more capacity!
Drying cabinet, FC20 is specially developed for drying heavy duty overalls. With an efficient and gentle drying procedure, the dryer has a capacity for 6 larger overalls, making it a necessity for fire departments and other similar industries. 

One system dries the overall from the outside. The other system dries the overalls from the inside, by directing hot air through the hangers into the overall. All standard programs are in compliance with NFPA 1851. PODAB ingenuity brings you a cabinet with the unique feature of no mechanical action during the drying operation. This extends the fabrics service life (zippers, reflector tapes etc.) 

It has nine manual and/or automatic programs, with the Humidity Tracking System (HTS). HTS is our new system that measures the level of humidity every second, to determine exactly when the textiles are dry. All automatic programs can be controlled by temperature and humidity. They can also include a cool down mode. Programs can also be set for other garments and station wear.

A special impregnation treatment program has been developed and can be installed upon request.  This will help the impregnation bond with the turnout gear and extend the life of the gear and improve the protection for the fireman.

Preserving Your Garments: 

Both sets of PPE were washed  and dried 8 times. 
The set on the left was dried in a tumble dryer, and
 the set on the right was dried in the FC20 drying cabinet. 
Significant damage and physical wear can be seen on the PPE that was tumble dried.
-Hook Rack (good to hang mask, helmets and accessories on)
-Glove Hanger
-Boot Hanger

- Drying process from the outside and inside - Adjustable programs
- Drying capacity of 6 large overalls equal to 44lbs (20 kg)
- Drying procedure hardens the impregnation
- Gentle drying without friction
- Up to nine automatic programs
- Indoor lighting 
- Detachable hangers and racks for easier handling
- Program ends with “cool down” to room temperature
- Standard recirculation system, hot air
- Delivered as flat-pack to save shipping costs
- Optional hangers to dry gloves and boots
- Optional hangers for other garments and station wear

Technical Specifications
FC 20
Article number 131035
Capacity, lbs (kg)  (dry weight) 44 (20)
Hanging Length Single Bar ft. (m) N/A
Hangers 6
Drying Time min* N/A
Energy consumption  kw/lbs (kw/kg) N/A
Total Effect, kW 12
Electrical Volt / Frequency / Phase** 208-230 / 60Hz / 3
Circuit Breaker, A 35
Height Outside, inch (mm)
77 (1955)
Width, inch (mm)
71 (1800)
Depth, inch (mm)
31.5 (800)
Weight, lbs (kg)
441 (200)
Evacuated airflow, CFM
324 (550)
Airborne sound level, dB
Color Grey
*=Not Applicable due to different types of gear and material.
**=Other electrical setup upon request.



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