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Drying Solutions for Longevity and Efficiency

Engineered for excellence

PODAB’s Scandinavian-inspired drying cabinets have been meticulously crafted with attention to detail for maximal functionality. The drying cabinets have undergone rigorous testing to ensure a life expectancy of 20+ years, requiring minimal maintenance to sustain their longevity.

The innovative PODAB drying cabinets include features such as:

  • Humidity & Temperature Tracking System
  • A strong Dual Drying System
  • Fully automatic programs
  • Pre-set start times
  • Unique interchangeable interior accessories

Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

Streamline your industry operations with PODAB specialized solutions

Extend lifespan of your textiles and PPE by


Increase the longevity of textiles and PPE by 64% with PODAB drying cabinets.

Trust your PODAB drying cabinets to last

20+ yrs

ProLine drying cabinets are durable, spacious, and tested for a 20+ year lifespan.


What our trusted customers say about our products

Modern laundry facility for firefighters in Guttasjön

“Our laundry equipment is running at full speed. There must always be clean PPE ready for use. On average, we wash and dry between 5-15 PPE per day, so it is important that the laundry solution is efficient. We don’t want to jeopardize the safety of the firefighters. PODAB’s drying cabinets dry without mechanical action and reach a sufficiently high temperature to reactivate the impregnation in the PPE. We are very satisfied!” – Lennart Hällfors, Service Manager at Guttasjön Rescue Center

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Sustainable laundry transformation at BRF Stenhuggaren

“We received truly exceptional assistance from PODAB. They exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond, giving 300%. Their ability to optimize every aspect to the fullest extent ensured we received all the assistance we needed.” – Conny Granqvist, Vice Chairman of Brf Stenhuggaren

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Latest News

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The competitive advantages of PODAB drying cabinets in the market

PODAB’s drying cabinets, crafted in Sweden, embody excellence and sustainability. Innovative features like the Humidity Tracking System and Dual Drying System ensure efficient drying. With sleek Scandinavian design, they offer both functionality and aesthetics. Since 1945, PODAB has been a leader in professional laundry expertise, globally renowned for quality and innovation.

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2024 Drying Cabinet Booklet

Learn more about PODAB equipment

Discover the future of professional laundry solutions with our 2024 new booklet featuring the entire PODAB product range. Explore unique features and advancements crafted to elevate your industry laundry needs.

Leading Brands Streamline Operations with PODAB Drying Cabinets

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