Container Industry

A Smart Drying Solution Optimizing resource utilization, extending lifespan, and ensuring sustainability Drying cabinets offer a comprehensive solution to the drying needs of various gear

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Modern laundry facility for firefighters in Guttasjön

“Our laundry equipment is running at full speed. There must always be clean PPE ready for use. On average, we wash and dry between 5-15 PPE per day, so it is important that the laundry solution is efficient. We don’t want to jeopardize the safety of the firefighters. PODAB’s drying cabinets dry without mechanical action and reach a sufficiently high temperature to reactivate the impregnation in the PPE. We are very satisfied!” – Lennart Hällfors, Service Manager at Guttasjön Rescue Center

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Sustainable laundry transformation at BRF Stenhuggaren

“We received truly exceptional assistance from PODAB. They exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond, giving 300%. Their ability to optimize every aspect to the fullest extent ensured we received all the assistance we needed.” – Conny Granqvist, Vice Chairman of Brf Stenhuggaren

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The inevitable threat of elevated cancer risk among firefighters

Recent research commissioned by the UK Fire Brigades Union reveals firefighters’ increased cancer risk due to exposure to carcinogens during operations, with some facing terminal diagnoses. PODAB drying cabinets offer an efficient and safe solution for drying PPE, ensuring thorough decontamination and extending protective equipment lifespan.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions for Welcome to PODAB, your premier destination for professional laundry equipment. These terms and conditions govern your use

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Drying Cabinets in Aviation Operations Preserving reliability, efficiency, and safety in aviation operations Drying cabinets play an important role in supporting aviation operations by ensuring

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Performance Arts​

Gentle Garment Care for Stage Productions PODAB drying cabinets in the theatre industry In the vibrant and dynamic world of the theatre industry, where attention

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Engineering & Design

PODAB’s Innovative Solutions Across Industries Meeting diverse demands with reliable drying cabinets Through close collaboration with restoration and abatement experts, PODAB specializes in crafting innovative

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