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Evacuating Moisture and Humidity​

Our Dual Drying System dries PPE from the inside and outside simultaneously

The drying process involves removing moisture and humidity from the protective gear, and the Dual Drying System inside the drying cabinet plays a crucial role in this process. As the air circulates through the cabinet, it passes over heating elements that warm the air, increasing its ability to hold moisture. The warm, dry air then circulates around and inside the protective gear, absorbing moisture and carrying it out. The two systems work in tandem to ensure that the air inside the cabinet circulates evenly, reaching all areas of the protective equipment. These systems work together to ensure even air circulation, thoroughly and effectively drying the gear while minimizing the risk of damage.

Drying Cabinet ProLine FC 20

Innovative features

The innovative ProLine FC 20 includes features such as a humidity and temperature tracking system, a dual drying system, four fully automatic programs and unique PPE accessory solutions. 

The Scandinavian-inspired drying cabinet has been meticulously crafted with attention to detail for maximal functionality.

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