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Drying Without Mechanical Action

A gentler drying process

ProLine drying cabinets dry without mechanical action, allowing for gentle drying without friction. This prolongs the lifespan of textiles and also reduces energy consumption.

The ProLine drying cabinets are designed to dry textiles and PPE using heat and air, relying on the principles of circulation and evaporation. This makes the cabinet a gentler option, as there is no risk for the textiles or PPE to get snagged or damaged in the drying process. By utilizing heat and air circulation, they provide a more controlled and consistent drying environment.

Mechanical vs. No Mechanical Action

The impact on textiles and PPE

We have compared wear caused by washing and drying without mechanical action with wear caused by washing and drying with mechanical action for our own machines. Our test shows that the textiles that were dried with mechanical action had a 64% more wear and tear compared to the textiles that were dried without mechanical action.

Safely washing and drying PPE is essential for ensuring its effectiveness and prolonging its lifespan.

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