Fire & Rescue

PODAB drying cabinet ProLine FC 20 is specifically engineered for drying protective gear, providing a safer working environment for firefighters and ensuring a secure method for extending the lifespan of PPE.

Defence Industry

PODAB drying cabinets offer efficient drying solutions for crucial gear and equipment. From naval fleets to military academies, these cabinets contribute to maintaining peak readiness and operational effectiveness.

Shared Laundry Spaces

PODAB collaborates with customers to customize a self-service laundry solution that perfectly suits their space. Considering various aspects, we assist in planning the self-service laundry area in a practical and cost-effective manner.


To ensure that your horse gear lasts a long time, it is important to take proper care of it. Our versatile cabinets are designed to accommodate various accessories such as blankets, saddle pads and boots, adapting to your specific equestrian needs.


Taking charge of your laundry process brings multiple advantages, offering greater flexibility and control when managing your laundry on-site. By reducing transports to external laundry suppliers, you contribute to a lower environmental impact.

Dry Cleaners

Drying cabinets play a pivotal role in the efficiency and effectiveness of dry cleaning services. After garments have been thoroughly washed, our drying cabinets ensure that they are properly dried, restoring them to a wearable state.


PODAB’s multi-purpose drying range offer numerous benefits for laundry handling in sports facilities. They contribute to the performance and hygiene of athletes apparel, footwear and equipment, such as gloves, and protective pads.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities like wet labs, warehouses, manufacturing, and refrigeration buildings must maintain safety and cleanliness for efficient operations. Drying cabinets in these settings allow for efficient drying of equipment and accessories.

Theme Parks

Drying cabinets are the perfect addition to the laundry spaces at theme parks, amusement parks and water parks as they gently and efficiently can dry costumes and other delicate textiles after they’ve been washed. 

PPE Care

PPE is designed to protect from various hazards. However, if not cared for properly, it may compromise its integrity and effectiveness. Drying cabinets contribute to preserving PPE longevity and maintaining hygiene and safety standards.

Healthcare & Research Centers

Our drying cabinets feature specialized programs tailored for the healthcare sector, incorporating high-temperature drying to ensure thorough disinfection and drying after washing. 

Law Enforcement

We offer efficient solutions for drying essential gear, from police uniforms to tactical vests. Specialized features ensure effective yet gentle drying, safeguarding against moisture damage and extending equipment lifespan.


PODAB drying cabinets are a perfect complement to farms, food processing facilities, and forestry operations as they preserve equipment quality and enhance productivity. Perfect for drying farming gear such as boots, overalls, and gloves.

Engineering & Design

By collaborating closely with restoration and abatement experts, we specialize in crafting innovative laundry spaces for diverse projects, including cruise ships, industrial facilities, and apartment complexes. 

Performance Arts

Drying cabinets are excellent additions to laundry spaces in theaters and opera houses for drying costumes and props efficiently. These cabinets ensure quick drying, preserving the quality and integrity of elaborate costumes.


Drying cabinets are essential for maintaining the quality, hygiene, and functionality of aviation textiles and equipment, both onboard aircraft and on the ground. Investing in drying cabinets ensures the reliability, safety, and comfort of flight operations for passengers and personnel.

Image of a grey shipping container.


By providing a complete drying solution at sites where containers serve as e.g. offices, locker rooms, and accommodations, you enhance workplace efficiency and prolong the lifespan of essential equipment.


Drying cabinets serve as an essential tool in the janitorial industry, playing a critical role in maintaining cleanliness, safety, and efficiency within various facilities. Our drying cabinets will help to promote a clean and sanitary environment.

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