Reliable Drying for Dry Cleaning

The benefits of PODAB drying cabinets for dry cleaners

Delicate items necessitate gentle drying to prevent damage. These cabinets provide controlled, even heat distribution, ensuring delicate fabrics are dried without shrinkage, distortion, or other forms of damage. The gentle drying process in effectively eliminates wrinkles, leaving textiles smooth and neat—a significant advantage for fabrics prone to wrinkling.

The cabinets are designed with energy efficiency in mind, employing advanced technologies to optimize drying performance while minimizing energy consumption. This not only reduces operational costs for dry cleaners but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Overall, PODAB drying cabinets offer dry cleaners a convenient and efficient solution for drying a wide range of items, from delicate fabrics to large textiles, while ensuring excellent results and minimizing the need for additional processing such as ironing.

Efficient Drying with High Capacity

A versatile solution for every need

Experience ultimate flexibility with the TS 63 E interior options. The drying cabinet can be equipped with a swinging hanging rail system, a single bar for standard hangers, or ventilated shelves for easy drying of accessories and hard-to-hang dry items. The TS 63 E drying cabinet is the perfect addition for smaller dry cleaners where efficiency, cost control, and smart solutions are crucial for smooth operation. With a hanging length of 52.5 ft, the cabinet is ideal for hang-drying dresses, shirts, and delicate items. Additionally, the laundry process is shortened as drying cabinets leave garments wrinkle-free, eliminating the need for ironing.

For larger dry cleaning facilities, we recommend our high-capacity drying cabinet, the ProLine TS 93 E. Uniquely, this cabinet boasts a full 105 ft hanging length, making it the only drying cabinet in its class to offer such an impressive capacity. Its sturdy construction and substantial size make it the perfect solution for regular and heavy-duty laundry loads, such as carpets and curtains. Additionally, it meets the demand for large-capacity drying cabinets in laundry spaces that require robust and reliable equipment.

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