NFPA 1851 Compliant

Drying cabinet designed for fire departments

Highlighting our commitment to safety and compliance, ProLine FC 20 and ProLine TS 63 E are NFPA 1951 compliant. This certification signifies adherence to stringent standards for protective ensembles used in technical rescue incidents, assuring users of the cabinet’s reliability and suitability for critical firefighting operations.

PPE Drying Cabinets: Advanced Care for Firefighter Gear

State-of-the-art solutions for the firefighting industry​

In the pioneering spirit of the 1990s, PODAB introduced the PPE drying cabinet with cutting-edge technology and features tailored for the demanding requirements of firefighting gear. Our commitment to advancing the industry led us to create drying cabinets with revolutionary hangers, a breakthrough design that dries heavy-duty garments from the inside, complemented by an internal hot air distribution system for thorough external drying. This groundbreaking approach set the stage for efficient and gentle drying processes, with customized programs meticulously tailored for protective gear.

At the heart of our commitment is ProLine FC 20, PODAB’s premier PPE drying cabinets designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of protective gear. Offering drying programs customized for heavy-duty PPE, the FC 20 ensures a delicate and efficient drying process that contributes to the prolonged lifespan of essential firefighting equipment.

Firefighter gear and gloves drying in a drying cabinet.

Dual Drying System

Innovative solutions

The FC 20 drying cabinet boasts specially developed hangers that engage in a dual drying process, gently and simultaneously drying PPE from both the inside and outside. This innovative method operates without resorting to mechanical action, significantly reducing wear and tear on the garments and gear, and ensuring their longevity in the demanding environments faced by firefighters. The result is not just an efficient drying process but also the assurance of longer lasting and more resilient protective gear.

Versatile Drying Options

Inside ProLine TS 63 E

ProLine TS 63 E offers diverse interior options for various needs. It can be customized with a single bar for standard hangers for drying textiles such as jackets and vests, or equipped with ventilated shelves for drying accessories such as helmets and masks that cannot be hung. This versatility ensures maximum flexibility to suit your specific protective accessories.

ProLine FC 20 Accessories

Flexible interior options

ProLine FC 20 offers maximal flexibility with versatile drying options and customizable interior. The suit hangers can be easily replaced with hangers for boots or gloves, adapting to the needs of firefighting professionals. The FC 20 can efficiently dry up to six overalls simultaneously without compromising their structural integrity. Door-mounted hook racks on the cabinet’s doors provide an additional option for drying smaller gear, further enhancing the cabinet’s adaptability to various equipment types.

Enhancing Firefighter Safety and Gear Longevity

The development behind ProLine FC 20

The FC 20 drying cabinet is truly a testament to collaboration and innovation. The FC 20 stems from our partnership with Healthy Firefighters in Sweden and the visionary contribution of Stefan Magnusson. Stefan, the founder of Healthy Firefighters, played a pivotal role in shaping the project. Leveraging his well-established method, “The Swedish Way,” new routines were developed for fire stations. These routines focused on reducing firefighters’ exposure to dangerous substances and ensuring the optimal care of their gear.

Central to the FC 20’s design is an optimal drying process that operates without mechanical action. This superior process enhances the longevity of protective gear. The unique construction, coupled with the special hangers, ensures an efficient and gentle drying process for PPE.

Prolong PPE lifespan

Safe PPE care

Efficient PPE drying

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