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Designed To Last

Durable and reliable

The ProLine drying cabinets are built for tackling heavy loads of textiles and PPE. With their large capacity and durable construction, they have the stability required to handle high loads for an extended period. PODAB drying cabinets have been rigorously tested to ensure a 20+ year life expectancy with continuous use and very little upkeep needed. 

Innovative Technology

Advanced technology and practical design

 These cutting-edge cabinets are equipped with a smart air circulation system, intelligently reusing existing air within the cabinet, minimizing the need for new air and enhancing overall energy efficiency. The elimination of mechanical action in the drying process not only contributes to energy savings but also ensures a quieter operation and reduces wear on the appliance and textiles. Moreover, the integration of user-friendly controls, seamless program selection, and thoughtful ergonomics simplifies the operation, making the drying cabinets accessible and efficient for users across various industries.

With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, PODAB’s drying cabinets represent a modern approach to textile and gear care, providing a reliable and eco-friendly solution for diverse drying needs.


Effortless operation

ProLine drying cabinets are designed with ergonomics in mind. They feature a clean display panel and provide easy to navigate preset programs with buttons and braille. The large doors make loading and unloading easy, opening with very little manual effort. With various preset automatic drying programs available, the ProLine series offer both fast and gentle options to suit nearly all drying needs. 

Maintenance Free

Reduce costs and regular upkeep

The PODAB drying cabinets require very little maintenance, which notably reduces overall costs. Since the drying cabinets operate without mechanical action, there is no need for a lint filter. Lint is typically the main reason for maintenance. Due to the absence of mechanical action, the drying cabinets run solely on electrically heated air, significantly reducing energy consumption and costs.

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