PPE masks in drying cabinet
PODAB unveils innovative ventilated shelves for enhanced drying solutions
PODAB unveils ventilated shelves for ProLine TS 43 E and ProLine TS 63 E drying cabinets, catering to diverse customer needs by efficiently drying various accessories. These shelves offer unparalleled versatility, allowing for simultaneous drying of hanging and laying items, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in drying processes.
The competitive advantages of PODAB drying cabinets in the market
PODAB’s drying cabinets, crafted in Sweden, embody excellence and sustainability. Innovative features like the Humidity Tracking System and Dual Drying System ensure efficient drying. With sleek Scandinavian design, they offer both functionality and aesthetics. Since 1945, PODAB has been a leader in professional laundry expertise, globally renowned for quality and innovation.
Firefighter gear and gloves drying in a drying cabinet.
Why is the drying cabinet the future of textile and PPE drying?​
Experience the future of textile and PPE care with PODAB’s cutting-edge drying cabinets. Say goodbye to mechanical wear and tear and enjoy a gentler drying process, extending the lifespan of your materials. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these cabinets optimize efficiency, reducing drying times, energy costs and enhancing productivity. Embrace sustainability through eco-friendly practices while safeguarding the future of your operations.
ProLine TS 43 E - a compact and efficient way to dry textiles ​
Drying cabinet ProLine TS 43 E sets a new standard for textile drying with its compact design and cutting-edge features. Perfect for rooms where space is limited, this drying cabinet boasts an easy-to-use control panel and fully automatic programs for hassle-free operation. With manual programs and versatile interior options, users have complete control over their drying cycles. Experience the future of textile care with the ProLine TS 43 E.

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