Fire & Rescue Services

The importance of a safe laundry solution

In our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our firefighters and their families, it is imperative that we adopt a fresh perspective on enhancing their work environment. 

In the pursuit of a safer and more effective workday, the PODAB drying cabinet ProLine FC 20 emerges as a beacon of progress. Designed with a vision to prioritize firefighter safety, this innovative drying cabinet represents a substantial stride in the right direction. By addressing the critical issue of damp gear, the FC 20 significantly reduces the risk of health complications stemming from prolonged exposure to moisture and mold, ensuring that our firefighters can confidently carry out their duties.

NFPA 1851 Compliant Drying Cabinets

Enhancing firefighter safety

PODAB’s drying cabinets aligns with NFPA 1851 compliance standards, further emphasizing our commitment to the highest safety and maintenance standards for protective gear. One of the key advantages of the PODAB drying cabinet ProLine FC 20 is its role in prolonging the lifespan of firefighters’ protective suits while meeting and exceeding NFPA requirements. Beyond merely drying the gear, the cabinet’s meticulous design minimizes wear and tear caused by traditional drying methods. This means that the protective suits, a lifeline for firefighters in hazardous situations, can now live a longer and healthier life. By maintaining the integrity of these suits, we are not only promoting the safety of our brave firefighters but also maximizing the resources invested in their equipment.

"ProLine FC 20 was designed with intensive research, experienced engineers, and innovative solutions to create a safer workplace for our professionals."
Head of Engineering and Design at PODAB
Firefighter gear and gloves drying in a drying cabinet.

Optimizing Gear Integrity

Tailored drying solutions for critical environments

Designed specifically for environments such as fire departments, military operations, and oil & gas industries, proLine FC 20 is an indispensable tool for ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of essential gear. Our gentle yet efficient drying process preserves the integrity of protective gear, ensuring it remains in top condition for optimal performance.

Tailor your drying experience to your specific needs with customizable hangers designed for various types of equipment or accessories.

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