The inevitable threat of elevated cancer risk among firefighters
Recent research commissioned by the UK Fire Brigades Union reveals firefighters’ increased cancer risk due to exposure to carcinogens during operations, with some facing terminal diagnoses. PODAB drying cabinets offer an efficient and safe solution for drying PPE, ensuring thorough decontamination and extending protective equipment lifespan.
Advantages of drying cabinets in microfibers reduction
When textiles are manufactured, washed, and dried, they release microfibers that pose health risks and contribute to environmental pollution. Drying cabinets have multiple advantages over tumble dryers in the reduction of microfibers as they involve gentler drying processes with reduced friction, containment of microfibers, and lower heat settings. This helps minimize the release of microfibers into the environment, mitigating potential health hazards and reducing pollution.
The impact of drying without mechanical action
A comparative test was conducted to analyze the impact of mechanical action during drying, contrasting commercial tumble dryers with drying cabinets. Using POLKA DOT monitors, it was found that drying with mechanical action caused 64% more wear compared to drying without mechanical action. This highlights the benefit of utilizing drying cabinets, which can prevent wear and tear incurred during the drying process.

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