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Modern laundry facility for firefighters in Guttasjön
“Our laundry equipment is running at full speed. There must always be clean PPE ready for use. On average, we wash and dry between 5-15 PPE per day, so it is important that the laundry solution is efficient. We don’t want to jeopardize the safety of the firefighters. PODAB’s drying cabinets dry without mechanical action and reach a sufficiently high temperature to reactivate the impregnation in the PPE. We are very satisfied!” – Lennart Hällfors, Service Manager at Guttasjön Rescue Center
Sustainable laundry transformation at BRF Stenhuggaren
“We received truly exceptional assistance from PODAB. They exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond, giving 300%. Their ability to optimize every aspect to the fullest extent ensured we received all the assistance we needed.” – Conny Granqvist, Vice Chairman of Brf Stenhuggaren
Enhanced Laundry Efficiency at Vimmerby Rescue Service
“Our laundry space is better adapted than before, and the PPE lasts longer. We have noticed that the ventilated hangers in ProLine FC 20 significantly shortens the drying time. We also chose to install a ProLine TS 63 E drying cabinet which we use for other textiles and equipment such as base layers, workout clothes, helmets and masks. Another advantage is that the cabinets are easy to understand, there are no complications, anyone can use them.” – Magnus Svahn, Fire Marshal at Vimmerby Rescue Service
Successful collaboration between PODAB and construction firm ABCD Bygg
“When I hand over the keys to the end customer, I want them to be satisfied, and I assume they will be. PODAB’s products are reliable and work without any problems. We have a very good relationship with PODAB. We know that the products meet the requirements we demand, and we always receive quick assistance and prompt responses. I am extremely satisfied with this relationship.” – Niklas Kobylinski, Site Manager at ABCD Bygg
Spacious drying cabinets at exclusive Swedish equestrian facility
“Not many people know that there are drying cabinets that are so well adapted for the equestrian world. We are so pleased with our decision to install ProLine drying cabinets. There are no better drying cabinets on the market, their size is optimal for drying everything that needs to be dried. Horse blankets are very large, but you just swing out the hanging rail and slip them on, it’s as easy as that. And they dry quickly too.” – Owner of Särö Stable


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