ProLine FC 20

The ProLine FC 20 Drying Cabinet is purpose-built for PPE, serving critical industries like fire departments, military, and Oil & Gas. Its versatile hanging options accommodate various equipment types, ensuring tailored drying. With gentle yet efficient drying, gear integrity is preserved. Built for reliability, its robust construction meets the rigorous demands of demanding industries, ensuring safety and performance in critical situations.

The TS 43 E Drying Cabinet offers exceptional drying performance within a compact 23-inch width, ideal for spaces with limited room. Its retractable hanging system simplifies laundry operations, accommodating various textiles effortlessly. Customizable interior accessories ensure efficiency when drying. Despite its smaller size, it can hold up to 13.2 lbs of laundry or 2 sets of PPE.

The ProLine TS 63 E drying cabinet offers gentle and energy-efficient drying technology, perfect for all textiles and PPE. The ProLine drying cabinets are utilizing a drying process without mechanical action to prevent damage and in turn extend the lifespan of your laundry. With a spacious 37.7 cu ft capacity, it efficiently dries various textiles and accessories. Equipped with versatile interior options like swinging rails or ventilated shelves, it ensures flexibility to accommodate specific drying requirements.

The ProLine TS 93 E drying cabinet offers cutting-edge efficiency and reliability for large-capacity industrial laundry needs. With unmatched capacity of up to 35 lbs / 16 kg and a unique 100 ft / 32 m hanging length, it provides exceptional flexibility for drying various garments and textiles. Its robust construction ensures longevity, making it ideal for commercial dry cleaners, hotels, shared laundry spaces, and industrial facilities.

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