ProLine FC 20

The ProLine FC 20 Drying Cabinet is purpose-built for PPE, serving critical industries like fire departments, military, and Oil & Gas. Its versatile hanging options accommodate various equipment types, ensuring tailored drying. With gentle yet efficient drying, gear integrity is preserved. Built for reliability, its robust construction meets the rigorous demands of demanding industries, ensuring safety and performance in critical situations.

Product No. 232001 Category
Main Data
Product typeDrying Cabinet
Product nameProLine FC 20
Product No. 3P electrical connection232001
Product No. 1P electrical connection232004
Warranty´3 years limited
TypeAir vented
Capacity, sets of turnout gear6
Capacity (dry weight)lbs / kg55 / 25
Interior capacitycu ft / L73,1 / 2070
Drying capacityoz/min / g/min2 / 55
Energy consumptionkWh6.7
Noise emissiondB(A)65
Electrical Installation 3P
Supply voltageV208 V, 3P, 60Hz | 208 V, 3P, 60Hz
Electric heatingW9000 | 12000
Electric fanW450 | 525
Total effectW9450 | 12525
ProtectionA40 | 40
Electrical Installation 1P
Supply voltageV240 V, 1P, 60Hz
Electric heatingW9000
Electric fanW525
Total effectW9525
Outer: W x D x Hin71 x 31.5 x 77
Outer: W x D x Hmm1800 x 800 x 1955
Outlet exhaustØ in / mm6 / 152
Outlet air flowcfm / m³/h210 / 350
Pressure drop, maxpsf / Pa4.4 / 210
Maximum air flow (at 0% pressure)cfm / m3/h383 / 650
Drying Cabinet Booklet 2024
PPE Drying Cabinet Booklet 2024
Fire PPE Drying Cabinet Broschure 2024
ProLine FC 20 Product Sheet
FC 20 Drying Cabinet Manual

Drying PPE outside and inside simultaneously

Advanced air circulation system

The ProLine FC 20 employs an advanced air circulation system for efficient and safe PPE drying. Its dual process simultaneously distributes hot air through interchangeable hangers into the gear and circulates it within the cabinet, promoting even moisture absorption and extending PPE lifespan.

NFPA 1851 Compliant

Revolutionizing Firefighter Safety

The PODAB FC 20 drying cabinet embodies a fresh perspective on firefighter safety, prioritizing their well-being by reducing health risks associated with damp gear. Aligned with NFPA 1851 standards, it exceeds requirements, prolonging gear lifespan while promoting resource efficiency. Its innovative features represent a paradigm shift in safety, reflecting a commitment to invest in cutting-edge solutions for a safer future, acknowledging firefighters’ dedication to community protection.

All ProLine drying cabinets are NFPA 1851 compliant with built in 105 °F automatic programs.

PODAB Humidity Tracking System

ProLine FC 20 is equipped with a Humidity Tracking System utilizing sensors to measure both temperature and humidity. It detects moisture levels and halts the drying process once the laundry reaches optimal dryness.

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