ProLine TS 43 E

The TS 43 E Drying Cabinet offers exceptional drying performance within a compact 23-inch width, ideal for spaces with limited room. Its retractable hanging system simplifies laundry operations, accommodating various textiles effortlessly. Customizable interior accessories ensure efficiency when drying. Despite its smaller size, it can hold up to 13.2 lbs of laundry or 2 sets of PPE.

Product No. 235001 Category
Main Data
Product typeDrying Cabinet
Product nameProLine TS 43 E
Product No.235001
Warranty´3 years limited
TypeAir vented
Capacity (dry weight)lbs / kg13.2 / 6
Interior capacitycu ft / L18.45 / 522
Hanging lengthft / m52.5 / 16
Dewatering capacityoz/min / g/min0.59 / 17
Noise emissiondB(A)60
Overheat protectionYes
Electrical Installation
Supply voltageV110-120V, 60Hz
Total effectW1300
Outer: W x D x Hin23.4 x 25 x 73
Outer: W x D x Hmm595 x 635 x 1855
Inner: W x D x Hin23.3 x 21.3 x 64.8
Inner: W x D x Hmm593 x 542 x 1647
Shipping dimensions: W x D x Hin28.7 x 29.9 x 86.6
Shipping dimensions: W x D x Hmm730 x 760 x 2200
Weightlbs~ 138.9
Weightkg~ 63
Shipping weightlbs~ 154
Shipping weightkg~ 70
Outlet exhaustØ in / mm3.93/ 100
Outlet air flowcfm / m³/h55.9 / 95
Fan capacityft³/hour / m³/hour6356 41⁄64 / 180
Energy consumption and drying times

Drying of spun laundry *)

ProgramEnergy consumptionDrying time
Aut 104°F (40°C)0.60 kWh/kg laundry2 hours 45 min
Aut 140°F (60°C)0.62 kWh/kg laundry2 hours

*) Stated values apply to drying cabinet connected with draft stabilizer. Values may vary depending on spin speed.

Drying Cabinet Booklet 2024
ProLine TS 43 E Product Sheet
ProLine Drying Cabinet Brochure 2024
TS 43 E Ventilated Shelves Instruction Manual
TS 43 E Single Bar Instruction Manual

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