TS 43 Single Bar

The Single Bar accessory for the TS 43 drying cabinet offers added convenience and versatility. Installed at the top, it allows for hanging items using either hangers or hooks, providing tailored drying solutions.

Product No. 131005 Category

The Single Bar accessory for the TS 43 drying cabinet enhances convenience and versatility even further. Positioned at the top, it offers an additional space-saving option for hanging items, accommodating both hangers and hooks with ease. This feature delivers personalized drying solutions tailored to specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and organization in the drying process.

Main Data
Product typeDrying cabinet accessory
Product nameTS 43 single bar
Product No.131005
Bar widthin / mm20.5 / 517
TS 43 E Single Bar Instruction Manual
ProLine TS 43 E Product Sheet

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