Enhanced Laundry Efficiency at Vimmerby Rescue Service



Optimized Space and Extended PPE Lifespan

Vimmerby Rescue Service

Vimmerby Rescue Service is located in the south east of Sweden. Since they’re the main station in the municipality, they also wash and dry PPE from four other stations in the area which means that they need an efficient, reliable and safe laundry solution. 

In 2020, they invested in laundry equipment from PODAB. They chose to install both a ProLIne FC 20 drying cabinet to dry their PPE as well as a ProLine TS 63 E drying cabinet to dry other station wear, masks, helmets, hoses etc. Since installing their new PODAB equipment, they’ve noticed a big difference in the drying efficiency and overall safety during the laundry handling process.

"When making such a significant deal, it's crucial to have good communication, and the contact with PODAB has worked very well. If we have any questions or issues, we always get assistance quickly."
Magnus Svahn, Fire Marshal at Vimmerby Rescue Service

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