Modern laundry facility for firefighters in Guttasjön



Enhancing Safety & Efficiency

Guttasjön Rescue Service

Guttasjön is one of Sweden’s most modern training and educational facilities for firefighters. Their laundry facility is top modern and was installed to make it as easy as possible to follow Healthy Firefighters’ recommendations.

The laundry space at Guttasjön is used everyday and it is of utmost importance that there always is clean turnout gear ready to use. On average, they wash between 5-15 PPE per day, so it’s crucial that the laundry process is quick and easy. “We don’t want to compromise on firefighters’ safety”, says Lennart Hällfors, Service Manager at Guttasjön.

After installing a ProLine FC 20 drying cabinet from PODAB, Guttasjön Rescue Service has increased their laundry efficiency and secured a safe laundry solution for their firefighters. 

"Our work environment has become significantly better since we installed PODAB's drying cabinet. We are very satisfied with the product."
Lennart Hällfors, Service Manager at Guttasjön

PODAB for firefighters safety

Learn more about PODAB's smart PPE drying solutions.

PODAB design safe drying solutions for PPE to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of personal protective equipment, innovating the drying process with fast drying capabilities for large quantities, optimizing their performance for prolonged use in demanding environments while prioritizing the safety of the workers.

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