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Impressive Drying Cabinets for Horse Tack

Equestrian drying solutions

Särö Stable is a professional equestrian facility surrounded by beautiful countryside roads, fields, and hills. The farm trains horses and riders at the highest level. Särö Stable boasts several stables with accompanying facilities, all of which are newly renovated and in top condition. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are central at Särö Stable, which is powered by a solar energy system.

The laundry facility was completed in the fall of 2019 and has been running at full capacity ever since. The focus was on equipping the laundry room with machines capable of washing and drying heavy and delicate dressage equipment efficiently, quickly, and gently.

Drying Heavy Equipment

Streamline laundry processes for top-tier equestrian care

Särö Stable’s laundry space is an excellent example of how a laundry space in a more demanding environment can be both pleasant and functional. The laundry space is equipped with two large ProLine TS 93 E drying cabinets, perfectly adapted to dry heavy equipment.

The premises consists of 4 stables accommodating a total of 45 horses. This means a considerable amount of laundry needing to be washed, dried, and transported to its proper place daily. The high standard of the horses and the farm requires all equipment to be well taken care of and washed and dried gently.

The owner of Särö Stable explains that it has been incredibly beneficial with two large, efficient, and spacious drying cabinets from the ProLine series as their size is optimal for drying all types of horse tack. 

"We are so pleased with our decision to install drying cabinets. There are no better drying cabinets on the market than the ones from PODAB."
Owner of Särö Stable

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