Sustainable laundry transformation at BRF Stenhuggaren



A Sustainable Transformation

How PODAB's solutions elevated functionality and sustainability

Brf Stenhuggaren, an apartment complex in Sweden, actively pursues the goal of sustainable housing. They aimed to transform their shared laundry spaces into functional and inviting environments. During the renovation of their shared laundry spaces, sustainability was a key focus, encompassing both surface materials and product selection. PODAB provided guidance and environmentally friendly, dependable solutions, leading Brf Stenhuggaren to select PODAB’s products for all five shared laundry spaces.

The outcome was well-appointed laundry areas distinguished not only by their attractive design but also by their reliable, energy-efficient professional laundry equipment.

Brf Stenhuggaren's Commitment to Sustainable Renovations

Transforming shared spaces for a greener future

The apartment complex, Brf Stenhuggaren, boasts a dedicated board with a firm commitment to sustainability and fostering an enjoyable living environment for its residents. Among their various initiatives, they have installed both insect hotels and solar panels, demonstrating their proactive approach to environmental conservation.

As they approached the renovation of the five shared laundry spaces, their priority naturally gravitated towards investing in energy-efficient and sustainable products. The association opted for a complete overhaul, carefully selecting sustainable materials and enduring products. They viewed this decision as a prudent long-term investment in both environmental responsibility and resident satisfaction.

"We received truly exceptional assistance from PODAB. They exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond, giving 300%. Their ability to optimize every aspect to the fullest extent ensured we received all the assistance we needed."
Conny Granqvist, Vice Chairman of Brf Stenhuggaren

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